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I recently worked with a client team with some staff changes since I last worked with them. One new member was a specialist in the construction area, well experienced in the field but not in sales.

He was a little resistant to learning sales process, saying that it didn’t matter in construction, where only low bid mattered.

He was visibly taken aback when other team members provided examples of profitable construction projects my client had earned from certain companies, consistently, without a bid or RFP.

It is not unusual to hear that a company’s prospecting plan includes searching websites for requests to quote or propose. Then, seeing them spend dozens of man-hours creating a perfect response. And then to see them happy to close 20 or 30%.

Are they so happy to have wasted 70-80% of their time?

Some organizations don’t understand any other way to drive revenue: The issue is that I don’t understand their business, not that there could be an alternative approach.

Even in construction.

This Dave Kurlan article is brief and to the point. He clearly explains why prospects want an RFP and why we respond. And he sets out what we should do instead.


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