Understanding This Sales Competency is More Important Than Ever

Most of the company leaders I work with did not come from a sales background. Like me, most had developed a different skill or skills and learned to sell because they started a business.

And many of these leaders don’t really understand salespeople. They have certain perceptions of what sales people are or should be, and many of those perceptions are incorrect.

I often hear about complacency. “My sales people manage their accounts well enough, but they don’t seem interested in driving new business. How can I motivate them?”

It is very difficult to motivate someone who isn’t already motivated. The first step is to understand, “why aren’t they motivated”? Did they used to be motivated and lost it, or were they never really motivated.

When I work with leaders to hire great salespeople we always look to see if they are motivated and what motivates them. Then, we have to be sure we implement a sales management system that doesn’t de-motivate them.

Many leaders believe that the key to motivate salespeople is money: wave the carrot and all will be good!  And that may have been true in the past. But not any longer.

Most salespeople today are intrinsically motivated. But that is only one part of motivation. Do they have a passion for success in sales? Are they willing to do what it takes to be successful?

This Dave Kurlan article goes into detail about the crucial sales competency: motivation. This is a must read for both sales people, and leaders to gain insight into how to consistency drive profitable revenue.

Also, find out:  How do your salespeople measure up?


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