Top 20 Reasons Are Key to Boosting Sales

Many of the company leaders I work with had recognized sales was the constraint – or roadblock – in their business. They didn’t know why that was, or what to do about it. They were looking for answers and a clear, defined plan.

The Dave Kurlan article I’m featuring this month is about the current popularity of data analytics, and his “Top 20 Reasons Why Data May Not be the Key to Boosting Sales” is directly related to the company leaders I work with.

I spoke with a client this morning who is “getting it”. They have access to great data to run the operations and financial side of their business but lacked foundational information on sales. This company has plans to grow to nearly 30 salespeople yet, in the past, haven’t been able to effective manage 8. Performance was poor, margins low and turnover excessive.

They now have some of the 20 basics (you’ll see more in Dave’s article), like a defined sales process with clear, defined sales plans for their people and conversion ratios from first contact to closing. They are actively working on these:

  1. Better sales selection
  2. More effective Sales coaching
  3. More complete On Boarding of new salespeople

It is not unusual for leaders to look for a magic bullet to improve sales. They might grasp for the latest sales tool they hear about from an email or social media post, or from Harvard Business Review (Not a great source for small to mid-sized companies).

Data is important, and this article will help you understand which data you should be collecting and analyzing.


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