The Latest Data on Sales Motivation

“I have salespeople on my team that are complacent.”

Have you heard someone say that; or worse, heard yourself say that?

It isn’t an unusual comment from business leaders. And I typically hear it linked with something like, “How can I motivate my people?”

There are at least 3 variables to understand;

  1. Desire: Their passion for success IN SALES; how badly they want to be successful.
  2. Commitment: Their willingness to do what it takes (ethically) to be successful (yes, even cold calls!)
  3. Motivation: What is it that motivated them?

When we assess sales candidates and evaluate sales teams we measure each of these to understand how leaders can move their teams forward; or understand that they can’t…

If we find people lacking desire or commitment, movement is tough.

Motivation is different, because it is about the “What.”

So when Dave Kurlan and The Objective Management Group (OMG) share their latest data on motivation, it is always enlightening.

This year they added a new motivation category: Altruistic Motivation. Now we have 3 variable to review: Extrinsic, intrinsic and altruistic. And because people aren’t always just one of these, we have several variations.

So check out the Dave Kurlan article below. It is short and to the point. Great Data!


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