Sales Force and Management Evaluations

Sales-methodology-300x111The first step to transforming your sales team is to evaluate your salespeople, management, systems and strategies to discover the root of the problem.

SPC uses the Sales Effectiveness and Improvement AnalysisTM (SEIA) to provide a sales MRI of your sales organization:

  • To illustrate the overall effectiveness of sales managers in the five most important sales management functions.
  • Based on the issues identified, ROI from development is calculated.
  • An analysis of each salesperson’s relative level of discomfort by issue helps determine whether your company is hiring the right people.
  • Analyze the use and effectiveness of sales management systems and processes to identify areas requiring action.
  • The analysis of your sales pipeline indicates the level of both quality and quantity so you’ll know whether it contains gold bullions or lumps of coal.
  • An analysis shows the sales management team’s alignment around 17 strategies that drive and support sales.
  • One skill-set analysis shows whether your sales managers possess the required sales management skills.
  • Another skill-set analysis shows whether your salespeople possess the required sales skills. We identify the significant weaknesses that prevent your salespeople from consistently executing.
  • A training curriculum for your sales force is presented based on the issues identified. The SEIA calculates the gap between where you are now and having a sales organization that over achieves.


After identifying potential problems, the SEIA determine which salespeople can be successfully developed, how much development they will need to reach their potential and what your company must do to support this. SPC will transform your sales force from one of complacency to one of accountability, motivation and results.

Sales Effectiveness and Improvement AnalysisTM was developed by Objective Management Group.