Qualifying Too Early Can Kill Opportunities

One of my first steps in working with clients is to develop a clear, defined sales process:

Sales Process:

The macro view of the clear, defined sequence of steps to identify and move an opportunity through discovery, qualified, proposal and close.

Note that sales process is different from a sales methodology:

Sales Methodology:

The micro view of what techniques, “moves”,  systems and skills used within the sales process to identify and move an opportunity through discovery, qualified, proposal and close.

One of the values of a sales process is the ability to conduct a root cause analysis on opportunities that didn’t close. If we understand the root cause, we can take corrective action and fix the issue.

The root cause can be in any area of the sales process. The corrective action could be a tweak to the process, training on methodology, role playing a nuance that must be developed, or something else.

Often the issue is one of qualifying.

Words have meaning, and many words have several meanings. Qualifying is one of them.

If qualifying is an issue, then we must be clear about qualifying what, where, when and by whom.

This Dave Kurlan article below looks at one part of qualifying you’re sure to find interesting.


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