Predictions for 2018

By now you have your business’s 2018 revenue goals established. Each of your salespeople know the number they have to hit and how they will achieve it. Now it’s time to execute.

A key question for any business is: “Can your current sales team hit the company’s goals; do they have the skills and ability to execute against your plan?”

2018 looks to be a pretty good year. The business climate is strong. But can your sales people succeed in their goals with decade old skills? And do your younger people know how to sell in today’s environment?

Sales has changed since 2009.  People selling only with product knowledge, relationships and price are failing. Can they learn to sell real value?

In Dave Kurlan’s article below, he describes how selling value is just a part of the “sales triad”. “Selling value is extremely challenging for most companies because, on it’s own, it doesn’t translate to a sale. Selling value is an approach in a sales process with a consultative methodology…”

A sales methodology is different than a sales process.  I taught Sandler for 14 years; it is a great methodology; it is not a sales process.

It is not uncommon for me to work with a client who has recognized that how they sold before isn’t working now. In some cases, their long standing customer base has changed, or the referral business that was “always there” is gone, or their salespeople, who relied on relationship selling alone, are struggling.

Dave has some interesting predictions and insights here.


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