Measuring Change in Sales Effectiveness

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Hope is not a strategy.”

Yet companies often rely on hope when hiring salespeople, and more importantly, when on-boarding them.

I understand that leaders don’t have time to babysit new sales hires, but lack of effective management is a key reason why new hires fail.

Growing effective salespeople is a key responsibility of leadership. So given that requirement and a lack of time, how can you know you are improving sales effectiveness?

The Dave Kurlan article here is a great reminder of what to measure, when. Here’s a hint: if you’re just measuring revenue results, you are missing out BIG TIME!!

With my clients, I always manage 3 metrics:

Activity/behavior – The productive actions salespeople are actually engaged in

Progress in the pipeline: Salespeople doing the right activity see opportunities in the pipeline grow

Revenue: A lagging metric that doesn’t really help me much, but leaders like to see this grow! And if people are doing #1 and #2 effectively, #3 happens easily.

Kurlan talks about these as well as using role play as a measurement of prospect resistance and improvement in sales performance.

For example, “If they play a nasty prospect, then you know that is how prospects are treating them.  If they play a tough prospect, then you know that prospects are being very tough on them.  If they play an easy prospect, then you know that prospects are being easy and cooperative.

“If you pay attention to the changes in their role-plays over time, salespeople who are improving will play increasingly more cooperative prospects.”

As usual, there’s much more. Enjoy!

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