Long Sales Cycle vs. Delayed Closings?

One of great lessons I learned in my 14 years as a Sandler Trainer was that if you think you have a long sales cycle, you do (or will).

The reason for that long sales cycle is more likely a delayed closing problem: A six month sales cycle becomes a 9 month sales cycle, and so on.

People in a long sales cycle tend to lack a closing urgency. Since they know it takes a “long time to close”, they don’t want to “push” it.

Delayed closings are not unusual. Just unnecessary!

Only 27% of salespeople have and use a Milestone Centric Sales Process and only 30% are savvy enough to track that process with CRM. And less than 30% lack the skills required to effective qualify an opportunity.

One of my ongoing concerns with many CRM systems is that they force salespeople to enter a closing date before it is reasonable to know what that date should be. And if most salespeople don’t have a Milestone Centric Sales Process, how will they know an opportunity is even closable?

This Dave Kurlan article that follows describes how to eliminate delayed closings. Check it out!


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