How Well Can Millennials Sale?

The demand to help companies find and hire great salespeople has caused recruiting to be a much bigger part of my business in 2016. And while the salespeople my clients have hired have been a variety of ages, there are certainly more young people in the mix.

There are reams of articles around the internet about millennials: what makes them great, why they can be frustrating. The question my clients have is: can they sell?

What I’ve seen echoes back to what I learned as a 2nd grade teacher back in the 1970’s: anyone can learn anything – if they want to. I’ve found many younger salespeople to be eager to learn and can be steady employees. I’ve seen older salespeople who are not!

My experiences are anecdotal, the people and companies I have worked with over the years. This Dave Kurlan article is about empiric data: what are things really like!

So, what is the answer?

Like so many things, it depends. Interestingly, the top 10% of millennials tend about as strong as the top 10% of people with 10 years sales experience. One key difference is what we call the “figure it out factor”: how quickly they ramp up. That finding is not surprising.

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