How to Get New Salespeople to Ramp Up Quickly

Finding sales people that have the potentially exceed quota is easier than successfully on boarding them. And they won’t exceed quotas if they are not thoroughly on boarded.

We are able to find people who pass a very complete and stringent sales assessment, interview them on the phone and in person-with more than one manager, validate their resume, verify they fit our culture, and that they aren’t drug addicts, etc.

But if they aren’t managed they will fail.

It seems that some leaders don’t understand how to manage sales people or the importance. An assumption is made that they are in sales, therefore they know what to do.

But like any other employee who doesn’t know your software or your product they needs some basic education in your company and how to interact with a potential prospect (I have an on boarding list I’m happy to share, just let me know).

There are a few basic management concepts to understand. The simplest is that the new salesperson should do the activity they committed to do: the calls, networking, walk-ins, emails, Linkedin, etc., in the amount they committed to do! If they aren’t/won’t/can’t do that, then find another candidate who will.

Assuming they will do what you are paying them to do, some kind of classroom training with self-directed online training and coaching will help transfer knowledge. Shadowing an experienced salesperson can bring all that book learning home!

This Dave Kurlan article does a great job of helping to understand how shadowing can work, the 4 best practices to be sure it can help ramp up your new people.  Quickly!


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