Client Testimonials



Thank you Steve!  I really enjoyed your sales classes and was impressed by your teaching/speaking style – it made the time go by quickly.  You really packed in lots of important and relevant info. about sales, but in a way that was understandable and (most importantly) digestible for immediate use.  I loved that it was not about theory, but you shared many hands-on resources (even down to how to leave a message on a voice mail!).  I know I will be going back to my notes many times to incorporate the approaches and tips you discussed.  And I’ll be happy to refer many others to your class and professional services.

Liz Hanson, President,  Hanson Business Strategies

“I can attest to the fact that engaging a recruiting partner helps with the overall success of both the new sales person and the company. Our success rate and ROI for the people you have helped us secure has been outstanding.
Could not have been as successful on our own.”

-Giles Poulson, President, Faris Machinery
“My sales have increased by 37%. It’s been an unbelievable difference. I’d like to take all the credit, but it’s only because of SPC that I had the courage to do this. I had never been a sales manager, but SPC convinced me that in a company of my size, it was best for the owner to oversee the sales and marketing. SPC assured me that “I will not let you fail. I will teach you to do this.” Because of this, I had the courage to drive the process, and shift my personal focus from production to sales and marketing. I focused on revenue generation and results were astounding.”
-Bruce Bowler, President, Phoenix Custom Apparel

“As an owner of a new business I faced the challenge of communicating with customers to ensure they would come back. Steve gave me the daily tools I needed to define my goals and the tactics to meet them. As a result, I became one of the Top 10 franchises in terms of closing calls and gaining new customers.”
-Sharon Casagranda, Owner Aussie Pet Mobile

“We reached a level of success that could not have been achieved without Steve’s help. We manage four radio stations. To keep them up and running it is essential that our sales are good and our leadership is strong. I was interested in improving personally as a leader and went to Steve for assistance. Steve coached me to lead by providing me key tools such as accountability and a different perspective of sales. Both allowed me to better communicate with clients. Working with Steve and following his advice, allowed me to reach goals and stay within budget for 22 months straight.”
-Carrie Lakey, General Manager, Salem Media

“Because we are a fast growing business, I have to wear many hats. Sales is only one of my many, many job responsibilities, but ironically, although it is one of my most important responsibilities, it is the easiest to put off. With SPC’s ongoing coaching, I have someone to encourage me and hold me accountable. Because I know I’m going to have to report my success to my coach, someone I respect and look up to, it encourages me to go the extra mile and pick up the phone even on my busiest days. With SPC, I learned the importance of filling the pipeline not just today, but for the long-term success of the company.”
-Elizabeth Kudner, Brand Manager

“SPC reinvented the selling culture within our company. SPC was able to implement sales training programs for each employee, along with quarterly follow-ups, and a strategic sales management course for the Sales Managers. Before working with SPC, we struggled with not asking good questions to our customers, not portraying the value we have, not getting enough appointments and selling our products on price. SPC outlined a repeatable sales process that we now use and successfully developed our sales force into one that can compete with any other firm. Our sales skyrocketed by 39% in the first year with SPC’s program while historically we have grown at only 15% yearly.”
-Drew Boldt, VP Sales, Production Control Services Inc.

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“Steve Parry is the man…not only does he make you feel “important”, but I could really feel he wants me to succeed.  He took the time to get to know me and listen to me.  In this economy where everybody wants to make profit and be fast, he shows he cares.  I will say, HE and his services will be a great value to any company who wants to improve their sales force and who doesn’t?”
-Marie O’Hagan, Business Genetics

“Our company has been working with Steve Parry of Sales Productivity Consultants since 2002.  Steve has made a positive impact on our business from the start.  Most recently we sat down with him to discuss our company’s vision for 2014 as we were feeling off track.  Steve’s ability to ask the right questions then go deeper was extremely helpful in uncovering root causes of key issues.  Steve doesn’t just give advice but rather enables others to come up with answers themselves.  He is a skilled professional with a big heart and genuinely cares about his client’s success.  If you are considering Business Consulting I recommend Steve Parry without hesitation.“
-Mary Wuest, Business Development, Electronic Storefronts

“Steve fully understands the topics (as he should), interjects humor, and facilitates group discussions, where we have an opportunity to learn from other real-world experiences. I interviewed a different facilitator prior to engaging SPC. In my experience, I had to be comfortable with the person–I was already sold on the training concept. I knew within minutes that Steve was the guy for us. My experience has been great. I only rated SPC “very good” because I haven’t taken advantage of all the benefits offered yet. Steve has gone above and beyond his role, most notably referring me to a grant program for training (not sales training) which ended up earning us a $17,000 grant. Anyone considering BD or sales development should meet with Steve. His concept is long-term behavior changes, not new tactics or schemes. Walking your prospect through the process to the point they are ready to buy (rather than being sold) is a major shift in my company’s thinking, and we are better for it.”
-Jack Lackey, President, Associated Building Specialties

“Sales Productivity Consultants has been a valuable tool in the success of my business for many years. The sales training is innovative, logical and easy to use. I would highly recommend Steve Parry and his team to anyone looking for a proven way to grow any business. I still work with them today!”
-Marty Varra, Independent Insurance Agent

“I realized I needed an outside source to help me better understand my sales team and my business. Steve Parry coached all of us (the sales team and myself) on how to better understand the ways in which we were sabotaging our own success and how we could improve. Once he uncovered those issues, we were able to exceed our goals and grow our revenues. I would highly recommend him to any business who has recently ‘plateaued’ and needs to break through to new heights.”
John Kaufman,Denver Solution group

“I have worked with Steve and his company for years. He has helped me as both a sales person and an entrepreneur. The methodology works if you work it and he makes it easy to do. I highly recommend Sales Productivity Consultants to any organization looking to increase their sales!”
Phil Jensen, sales Manager, Rocky Mountain Mechanical

“I have worked with Steve Parry and Sales Productivity since 2007. With this development my professional skills have grown tremendously and I have learned how to identify where the real opportunities are. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in learning the behaviors and attitudes required to thrive in these tough economic times.”
Scott Smeester, Smeester and Associates

“Steve Parry is THE sales expert in the Denver metro area. I have known Steve for years and have used his services and he helped me build my sales team. Highly recommended.”
Raymond Hutchins, Denver Cyber Security