About Us

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Steve Parry is President of Sales Productivity Consultants (SPC), a sales strategy consulting firm, in Denver since 2000.  Steve works with leaders who recognize that sales are the bottleneck to their company’s growth and want to know why, and what to do about it!

SPC helps companies to remove sales constraints by developing and implementing customized sales strategies, systems and processes. And we help you recruit self-starting, independent team players who over-achieve sales goals.

Steve began developing his training, development and communications skills as a second grade teacher in Summit County, Colorado.  An entrepreneur at heart, Steve left teaching to start his own business, and since then, has spent over 36 years as a business owner and in the corporate arena: in industrial relations, operations, quality management, mergers and acquisitions, training, marketing, product management, sales and sales management. Steve understands business.

Steve’s passion is helping client’s business and  employees to recognize their full potential.

His various roles have provided him the opportunity to speak and train before diverse groups across this country, as well as in Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Japan. Clients have ranged from multi-billion dollar international firms to your local flower shop.


Our Philosophy


In which area of your business do you allow the greatest mediocrity? Would you accept financials that were 95% correct? A product quality rating of 90%? Salespeople closing 35%? Why is mediocre performance acceptable for sales and not all other departments?

When a sales organization has a clear, defined, customized sales process and methodology, a root cause analysis can be performed on unsuccessful opportunities. When the root cause of an issue is understood, corrective action can be applied to future efforts. As with any company function, growth (and improved closing ratios) comes from continuous improvement.

Sales Productivity Consultants (SPC) works with leaders who recognize that sales are the constraint to their company’s growth and understand the importance customized systems and processes to continuous improvement.

The SPC process includes:

  • A diagnostic gap analysis of your sales team, sales management and your sales systems and processes
  • Help develop your customized sales process and methodology
  • Set annual sales targets that tie to the CEO’s annual budget
  • Set a realistic and achievable sales forecast
  • Recruit over achieving salespeople
  • Manage, consult and develop your team to create increased profitable revenue

SPC understands what it takes to truly transform a sales force. Only when your people, management, processes and strategies are aligned can your business achieve success.

If you’re fed up with mediocre results and are ready to eliminate your sales constraints, then give Steve a call for a free consultation.