4 Critical Changes for Success in Sales

The client I was speaking with yesterday is starting a new business. He began his career, back in the 1980’s, as a top preforming salesperson in the financial arena: always in the top 1% of his peers. His new endeavor is a totally different type of business, and he will be managing, not selling.

His starting belief was that sales is sales and not much has changed since he was active; not an uncommon thought. And couldn’t be further from the truth.

I started my sales development consulting business in 2000. There was no social media or linked in, and faxing was key tactic for prospecting. I made cold calls and was involved in networking at least weekly. And I had a website…if your dialup connection could find it!

Some folks I speak with “get” that things have changed, that sales is very different than it was even 6-7 years ago. And they are making moves within their organizations to leverage those changes to be even more successful.

This Dave Kurlan article below dives into these changes in more detail and outlines 4 key areas where salespeople today must excel, and 3 actions you can take to improve in 2017.


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