Are sales the bottleneck to your company’s growth?


Whether striving for the next level of success, or working to get out of a slump, many leaders recognize that lack of effective revenue generation is the constraint, the bottleneck, to driving their company’s growth.

Sales Productivity Consultants (SPC) will help you understand the root cause – the why – of poor sales performance, and what to do to increase profitable revenue.

SPC works with companies who recognize that sales is the  constraint to their growth and that systems and processes, tailored to their company, will fuel growth and profitability. And that great salespeople, in the right roles, are crucial to success.

We are sales development strategists. SPC helps companies remove sales constraints through detailed evaluation of the sales team and sales processes. We then work with you to develop and implement customized sales strategies, systems and processes. We improve sales team performance and, when required, help to recruit self-starting independent team players who implement a clear, repeatable process that result in predictable performance achieving defined sales goals.

Our clients have achieved sales increases greater than 30% annually.  And 92% of our recruits rise to the top ½ of their sales force within the first 12 months, using a process requiring less than 20% of typical recruiting fees.

Company leaders are often frustrated because they:

  • Have salespeople but the leader still creates most of the company’s revenue
  • Aren’t finding enough new business.
  • Aren’t growing existing sales
  • Have great technical people but they can’t sell
  • Aren’t sure the “right people are in the right seats on the bus
  • Have no defined, consistently followed sales process or methodology
  • Can’t manage salespeople while I juggle all my other CEO roles
  • Manage by sales results and that isn’t working
  • Don’t have time to recruit great salespeople
  • Hire salespeople who don’t work out
  • Have used recruiters in the past and found the cost high and results disappointing
  • Have not been able to create a sales culture
  • Plan to sell the business but it isn’t worth enough to retire

We drive profitable revenue and enable your salespeople to recognize their full potential:

  • Sales Force evaluations: providing sales specific, predictive, actionable analysis
  • Sales coaching, consulting and management
  • Sales team recruiting: 92% of move to the top 50% of the sales team within 1 year.


SPC works with clients to drive profitable revenue and enable sales employees to recognize their full potential through:

  • Sales team gap analysis
  • Consulting and management
  • Recruiting sales people

Success should never be a variable.